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Buergin Bakery, Switzerland

Buergin Bakery – natural and ecologically finest breads

GRANDER® water is a guarantee for increased revitalisation in the natural sour dough

The greatest wish of baker master, Kurt Buergin, from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland is to guarantee his nutrition-conscious customers that the baking products made in his bakery are of the absolute highest quality.  An important raw material and contributor to the quality is GRANDER® water.

This fine quality is not only achieved through the use of first-class raw ingredients, but rather through the particularly long and delicate dough development, that is practised in this bakery.

Bakery chef Kurt Buergin comments:

“We are open from 6 am until the evening hours and we treat our customers with fresh baked goods.  We have been using GRANDER® water revitalisation now for many years.  The water is not only fine to drink, but also improves the quality of our breads.

The use of GRANDER® water is a guarantee for increased liveliness of the micro-organisms in the natural sour dough.  It enhances the freshness and taste and helps keep the baked goods fresher longer.”