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Wellness & Swimming Pools

Atrium Athletic Club, Bangkok

“We are glad that our management was visionary and made the right choice by installing GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices at our prestigious health club in 2004.It has been 10 years now that the Grander system has continued to work perfectly without requiring any maintenance, in which we appreciate it very much.

Migros Fitnesspark, Swiss

The technical director of the Migros Fitnesspark, Marcel Brun, even went as far as turning off the ozone device after the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation had been installed and only told his technicians three weeks later. They were horrified to start with, but they were only able to discover that the water quality had only stayed the same.

Florian Berndl-Bath, Austria

It is named after an early pioneer of alternative medicine (1856-1934) who recommended the then-revolutionary nude bathing. Managing director Franz Trippold quickly shows his enthusiasm when asked about GRANDER®

Bath Fontanivas, Swiss

The president of the bath association Ilanz, Tobias Schneider, documents his experiences since the installation of the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices in Fontanivas in 2001 as follows: