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Bread & Food Production

Make Good Even Better with GRANDER®

Thorsten Buesing of Rats Cafe in Edewecht, Germany relies on traditional baking methods and natural ingredients. He is particularly selective when it comes to choosing the water he uses and therefore GRANDER® water is a clear choice for him …

Food is an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, the demand placed on manufacturers is high. In almost all of the food products we eat and drink, water is an essential ingredient, which has a huge influence on the quality of final products.

Taking this into account, food producers always choose GRANDER® revitalised water over untreated water. Feedback from their customers always confirm that they have made the right decision: “Your product simply tastes better; I recognize it among many others.”

Revitalised Brand-Name Products

From fruit to vegetables, all the way to bread, pasta, cheese, sausage, sweets, wine and beer – the range of products produced with GRANDER® is very diverse. The manufacturers are all convinced about the added value to their companies thanks to GRANDER® water revitalisation. Better taste, longer shelf-life, optimised production process, reduced cleaning and maintenance are some of the benefits attributed to the implementation of GRANDER® water revitalisation.

Following is a list of products that are made with GRANDER® water:

What do bakers and food manufacturers say about the use of GRANDER® water revitalisation:

  • strengthens the taste of the products
  • extends shelf-life
  • improves consistency of product quality
  • doughs are lighter and fluffier
  • improved dough leavening