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Atrium Athletic Club, Bangkok

Atrium Athletic Club

GRANDER® installed since: 2004

“We are glad that our management was visionary and made the right choice by installing GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices at our prestigious health club in 2004.It has been 10 years now that the Grander system has continued to work perfectly without requiring any maintenance, in which we appreciate it very much. Swimmers say that the water at our swimming pool is uniquely different: less irritations on eyes, hair, and skin; healthier swimming as less chlorine odour and less negative effects from chlorine, and etc. In terms of investment, the GRANDER® system’s value have surpassed its cost a long time ago from these benefits: Up to 50% chemical reduction on chlorine and other cleaning agents; less cleaning and maintenance from less algae, slime, scale, rust and corrosion, both in the pool and pipes. We are proud that we have chosen GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Technology which has become an important part of our swimming pool.”, said Club Manager, Sivilai Pinsuwan.