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Guangyong Lido Hotel, China

Lido Hotel of Guangzhou

r-hotels-2With over 300 guestrooms, the three-star Lido Hotel is situated at a business district at 182 Beijing Road, Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong, China. The hotel had been constructed long ago, and the owners had encountered many problems with the water tanks such as BOD/COD over limits, high doses of chlorine, odour problem, bacteria problem and also a pH value exceeding the regulation limit.

In 2012, the owners of Lido Hotel were introduced to GRANDER®. In just 60 days after installation, a significant improvement has been observed:
12% decrease in BOD
28% decrease in COD
– 8.7% decrease in suspended solids
– 4% decrease in total nitrogen
– 2.8% decrease in ammonia nitrogen
– 26% increase in pH value

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