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Formtec Plastics, Germany

Formtec Plastics

GRANDER® user since: 2006

Formtec, based in Kornau, Germany,  supplies tools and manufactures plastics using simulation software within 3D-CAD systems and the latest analytical technology. In addition to the quality of the products, the company also lays great emphasis on environmentally-friendly processes that help save resources.

Two cooling systems are in use to cool the injection moulding machines and the moulds. However, there was a build-up of sludge and algae and a higher proportion of bacteria, with various chemicals being used to stabilise the coolant water. “We tried chemical solutions and nothing really worked,” reports Technical Director, Rüdiger Epp. “[After implementing] GRANDER®, we have been able to stop the use of any type of chemicals,” Andreas Czotscher, the company’s managing director. 9 months after the installation, rust formation and iron content have been reduced to nil. Maintenance costs are minimised. “Previously, the coolant water was laden and polluted with bacteria. By using GRANDER®, water is now drinking quality. A short while ago, I was able to draw off a glass and drink it” confirms Epp.