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Manufacturing/ Heavy Industry

Formtec Plastics, Germany

Formtec, based in Kornau, Germany, supplies tools and manufactures plastics using simulation software within 3D-CAD systems and the latest analytical technology. In addition to the quality of the products, the company also lays great emphasis on environmentally-friendly processes that help save resources.

Fahnen-Gaertner Banners & Flags Production, Austria

Gerald Heerdegen sees GRANDER® water revitalisation as a way to protect the environment. “Our company attaches great importance to the conservation of the environment and natural resources. GRANDER® supports us in our efforts.”

MKE Metal & Plastic Manufacturing, Austria

The cult lighters called Bentley have made the Austrian company MKE well-known. This company has also made lighters for Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent. The main field of activity for MKE ranges from producing small medal and plastic parts to dental implants all the way to pressure reduction vents weighing up to 20 tonnes.

SUNSTAR Interbros GmbH, Germany

The business premises of SUNSTAR Interbros in Schoenau, Germany fights corrosion with the help of GRANDER® water revitalisation. The result is clear, clean water in the cooling circuit.

Koch Dry Cleaning, Germany

The Koch Dry Cleaning business in Metzingen, Germany saves on costs and chemicals thanks to GRANDER®: in fact, 15% savings on laundry detergents yearly.