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Animals & Agriculture

Animals Prefer Revitalised GRANDER® Water Instinctively

Revitalised GRANDER® water has been very successful not only in agriculture, but also in cultivation and in animal husbandry. Animals and plants are very sensitive and react particularly positive to it. Animals drink more and are consequently less susceptible to diseases. Plants become more resistant and give a better yield.

Experienced farmers report about the increase in the amount of ammonium nitrogen and the reduction of the nitrate values, which in turn reduces the burden on both soil and ground water.

“Revitalised” Liquid Manure

GRANDER® water revitalisation offers a lasting and substantial improvement in the quality of the liquid manure. Many farmers have noticed an improved flowability of the liquid manure through the revitalisation, meaning that the liquid manure no longer freezes as easily in winter and the hard layer formed at the top is reduced. Experts and farmers agree that the “puddle doesn’t burn so much” and the foul odour is reduced too.

Farmers and breeders both at home and abroad use GRANDER® water revitalisation because:

  • it supports the health of animals
  • it facilitates the growth of plants and provides bigger yields
  • it enhances the quality of the liquid manure, optimising the growing condition for plants
  • it reduces the foul odour development of the liquid manure

The GRANDER® cylinder can be immersed in the liquid manure permanently.