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Murauer Beer, Austria

Murauer – Beer according to an old tradition

Thanks to GRANDER® the ingredients harmonise better

Brewing master Guenther Kecht, “Since 2004 we have been using revitalised GRANDER® water for our brewery production and non-alcoholic beverages.  Since then the contents of the beer have harmonised better with each other, the carbonic acid is milder and has finer bubbles.”

Since the purity law was introduced to the world of beer brewing, it is certain:  only natural ingredients are used in beer.  And in the Murauer beer only the very best natural products are used. For this reason, our brewing master works and defines the finest taste nuances on the basis of age-old bewing tradition – since 1495 Murauer beer is purely the best.

The Brewery Murau has had a long tradition in producing beer, with more than 500 years in fact. This tradition, combined with quality, constant innovation and a great feeling of responsibility towards the environment make the Murauer beer what it is today – a first-class, high quality product.  This quality is created from a concert of favourable factors on the one hand, and constant improvement as well as strict quality control of the other.