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The effect of SANOMAG®

SANOMAG® reinforces the natural magnetic field

SANOMAG® produces a natural magnetic field similar to the earths. Its permanent magnets compensate the disturbances through technically-created radiation, water veins and other geological factors, and re-establish the access to the earth’s original magnetic field. Thus, it increases the well-being of humans, animals and plants.

The 3 Levels of Impact

According to Johann Grander magnetism has 3 levels that are constantly influenced by attraction and repulsion:

1. Physical Magnetism
2. Mental Magnetism
3. Spiritual Magnetism

The Power of Natural Magnetism

SANOMAG® is equipped with natural magnets in a magnetic inner coating and directly connected with well
conducting steel cables. The handles are also made of an iron core and natural magnets. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the proper selection of magnets, their alloy and its positioning. They are the result of countless experiments done by Johann Grander. Due to the permanent magnets the SANOMAG® does not require a power supply – so there is not additional technical radiation. Apart from that, there is no self-charging; neither grounding not discharging are necessary. Tip: The magnetic field of SANOMAG® is the strongest when you use it permanently and with the handles forming a closed circle.

SANOMAG® for body and soul


Areas of application



Rheumatic Pain


Sports Injuries (muscle and ligaments)

Wellness and Prevention

  • Strengthened immune system
  • More effective meditation
  • Makes falling asleep easier
  • Increases quality of sleep
  • More active self-healing powers

Many people who use the SANOMAG® report such improvement. Feel within yourself and observe the positive changes. You, yourself, are the measurement of all things.

SANOMAG®… for physical discomfort… For mental stress

How to properly use the SANOMAG®

Take the red handle in your left hand and the blue on in your right hand.

Place the red handle under your left foot and the blue handle under your right foot (see photo on page 14).

Take the red handle in your left hand and place your right foot firmly on the blue handle.

Place both handles on the desired body part or area.
For physical pain place the handles on either side of the painful area so that the magnetism can flow freely through that particular affected area.

Please note:
The SANOMAG® is not meant to replace any medical or therapeutic treatment. In cases of extreme pain and chronic illness, always contact your doctor. The SANOMAG® is ideal as support for treatment prescribed by the doctor.
One more tip:
You know you are using the SANOMAG® correctly when the writing on the device is facing you and readable

SANOMAG® as a protective shield

Giving direction for sleeping

Head facing north, feet to the south: if this ideal sleeping position isn’t possible, you can achieve this by using the SANOMAG®. To do this position the SANOMAG® in a closed circle under or next to your bed. If you find the effect to be too strong, place the device along the length of your bed at first; the blue handle at your head, the red handle at your feet. After an adjustment period place the handles together to form a closed circle. “The head is associated with the element of fire, it needs cooling. The feet are associated with the element of earth, they need warmth.”


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