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Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna

Spanish Riding School, Austria

The Lipizzans are symbols of Vienna just like the St. Stephan’s Cathedral and the Giant Ferris Wheel

They belong to Austria just like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the State Opera:  the Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Hofreitschule. These magnificent horses have been treated with GRANDER® water since 2003 at the Vienna Hofburg stables and since April 2005 at their summer quarters in Heldenberg, Lower Austria.

“We have noticed that our horses drink approx. 1/4 more water since the installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation and the number of colic incidents has significantly decreased,” Klaus Krzisch (Chief Rider).

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, one of the most well-known cultural goods of the world, is not only the oldest in the world, but it is the only riding school that still maintains and has been practicing the classic art of riding in its truest form for more than 460 years.

Drinking adequate amounts is the key. In order to guarantee top performance of these famous animals, they must be cared for in the best possible way. Drinking enough water is very important for the health and well-being of the Lipizzan horses.  Head Stable Master, Johannes Hamminger, decided to provide his animals with GRANDER® water in 2003. “I believe that water coming directly from the source is of higher quality.  With GRANDER® the tap water is revitalised and returned back to its natural state,” Hamminger explains.

Ever since the water revitalisation device by Johann Grander has been installed, the horses have been drinking more and the incidents of colic have decreased considerably.  “But also our riders and grooms are now drinking more tap water,”  Johannes Hamminger reports.

Taking GRANDER® on tour

For a short time now the Lipizzans and their grooms haven’t had to do without GRANDER® water while on tour for guest performances.   A portable GRANDER® revitalisation device provides the best water quality for the performers at their international shows.