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SUNSTAR Interbros GmbH, Germany

SUNSTAR Interbros GmbH

Thanks to GRANDER® there’s now drinking water quality in cooling water

The business premises of SUNSTAR Interbros in Schoenau, Germany fights corrosion with the help of GRANDER® water revitalisation.  The result is clear, clean water in the cooling circuit.

SUNSTAR Interbros is specialised in the production of innovative plastic systems. They manufacture plastic parts for medical use in the areas of pharmacology, diagnostics and medical technology as well as technical parts for the automobile industry and plastic systems for the Consumer Health Care market. Also, the company makes very well-known toothbrushes among other items.

The quality guarantee of their plastic products is one of their main challenges.  The company constantly works on optimising their production processes, analyzing defects and making corrections systematically. This also involves reducing the corrosion in the cooling circuits of the injection molding tools.

They have been experimenting with the GRANDER® water revitalisation in the cooling system since 2002, that is used for cooling the injection molding machines and the molds. Before implementing GRANDER® water revitalisation glycol was added to the cooling water, in order to fight the corrosion. “The rust sediment was certainly due to the soft water that we used,” Stefan Brender, technician at SUNSTAR, explained.  Particularly for the injection molding machine it is important to have a stable water quality, with every degree critical and contributes to a smooth process.

“One year after the installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation we had the values of our cooling water tested by an independent institute.  And, we were happy to hear that we had drinking water quality in our cooling water pipes,” Brender comments.