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In this section we try to answer your questions about GRANDER.  If you have a special question that isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Function & Effect

How does GRANDER® water revitalisation work?

GRANDER®  water revitalisation is a process of information transfer through vibration frequency. Every GRANDER®  water revitalisation device consists of chamber(s) filled with “information water”, which has a stable, high order molecular structure as seen in natural, living water. When water flows through the device (or flows near the effective area of the cylinder device), the positive characteristics of the “information water” are transferred to the inflow water without coming into contact with the “information water”, restoring the molecular structure to its most natural order.

What changes actually happen in GRANDER® revitalised water?

The molecular structure is the decisive factor for the characteristics of water. Thereupon, amending the structure changes its characteristics. The uniqueness of the GRANDER®  water revitalisation lies in the specific and lasting effect it has on the inner structure of the water, realigning the structure and reformulating its physical and micro-biological characteristics positively.

What effects does the change in structure have in GRANDER® revitalised water?

Enhanced stability and restored molecular structure as well as the associated physical and microbiological changes lead to an improvement in the qualitative characteristics of the GRANDER® revitalised water.

Physical Characteristics: Stronger dissolving properties of water enable a reduction in the use of laundry and cleaning chemicals. Corrosion and sedimentation behaviour is changed, resulting in less deposit and rust formation.

Microbiological Characteristics: Enhanced self-purification ability promotes a microbiological-stable environment and increases bacterial resistance, reducing  potentials of re-contamination.

What are the factors that GRANDER® does not have an influence on?

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation does not have an influence on the hardness, original physical and chemical contents of the water being treated.

How long does the effectiveness of GRANDER® devices last?

The Effects are not limited to a certain time period. Although we claim that GRANDER® devices are lifetime products, this may sound too good to be true to certain clients. Nevertheless, based on experiences of our existing users, and provided that the devices are in good working condition, we can conclude that the effectiveness can last for at least 20 years.

How can the efficacy of GRANDER® be tested at home?

Most people notice the difference between revitalised and non-revitalised water very quickly.  One can perform some simple tests to confirm the efficacy:

  1. Taste test – Treat any alcoholic beverages or beverages with strong flavor (e.g., lemon juice) and perform a before-and-after comparison. This test is good for penergizers, energy boards, and small energy rods.
  2. Plant growth test – Prepare two water samples that are taken from the same source. Treat one of the water samples with any GRANDER® device, then keep the other non-treated sample as control. Make sure you separate the two water samples and plants at least 3 meters apart at all time. Compare and observe the differences in growth rate and quality. This test is good for any GRANDER® revitalisation devices.
What is the effect like in regards to lime scale?

GRANDER® Technology does not add nor remove anything from water, and hence, the level of lime contents remain the same. However, given the reduced surface tension and higher penetration power of GRANDER® revitalised water, the tendency towards limescale build-up or deposits in the pipes is decreased.  Furthermore, existing limescale can be removed more easily.

What is the effect like in regards to corrosion (rust)?

Enhanced physical characteristics of GRANDER revitalised water will have reduced corrosion behavior. The rust build-up in the pipe system will be removed over time, preventing the rusting from aggravating.

Can heavy metals, medication build-ups, etc. be eliminated through GRANDER®? What effect does GRANDER® have on these substances?

Material matter can only be removed through fine filtration (i.e. activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis, etc.), and we do recommend filtration treatment prior to revitalisation in order to optimise the revitalisation effect. However, all trace substances leave electromagnetic frequencies, or “prints”, in the structure of the water even when these substances are removed; these “prints” will remain in water and cannot be eliminated by conventional treatment methods. It is by means of GRANDER® revitalisation that these “prints” can be neutralised, allowing water structure to return to its highly ordered, stable phase.

How is GRANDER water revitalisation different from other water treatment methods (energisation, magnetisation, crystals, stones/minerals, etc.)

Water can be changed through many ways, from adding and removing substances to changing the molecular cluster of water. Treatment methods such as magnets, electro-magnets, crystals, and the like focus on the taste, appearance and the behaviour in regard to lime and corrosion characteristics of water. The uniqueness of GRANDER® water revitalisation lies in its broad range of efficacy.  Apart from the above-mentioned physical properties, GRANDER® revitalisation can also improve microbiological characteristics (i.e., self-purifying, high resistance, longer durability, decreased (re)contamination, etc) by altering the behavior of micro-organism in revitalised water.  This was also the reason why Johann Grander gave the name “water revitalisation” to his invention, after being able to see under the microscope repeatedly that “normal” water began to regenerate itself when he added a drop of revitalised water to it.

“Water literally regained its life again.” – Johann Grander

Application & Reference

Where and how is a GRANDER® device installed?

A GRANDER® water revitalisation device is installed in the central water intake.  We offer suitable models for all standard installation situations (house supply pipe, apartment supply pipe, beneath sink installation, etc.). The installation is easy in most cases and can be done by a specialised technician or plumber using standard plumbing parts.

For technical support, please contact us or your local agents to schedule site inspections.

Who can install a GRANDER® device?

GRANDER® water revitalisation can be installed by any professional plumber. The installation is done according to the provided installation instructions. In most cases the installation can be done using standard commercial parts.

Which device do I require for my needs?

In order to choose the proper device, the following factors must be considered: pipe dimension, peak use, load factor of the water as well as the on-site installation situation. It is recommended to match the GRANDER® device with the pipe dimension. A GRANDER® consultant will help you make the right choice regarding the size of device needed.

Please contact us to get the information you need today.

What materials are used in a GRANDER® device and how long do they last?

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices are a true Austrian quality product. They are robust and made of high quality stainless steel, ensuring a strong durability and long-term use for customers. Every piece of GRANDER® devices (except for personal accessories) are warranted against manufactured defect for a period of 36 months.

Do GRANDER devices require maintenance – long term or continuous?

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices operate without the use of electricity, chemicals, or any consumable mechanisms. Therefore, minimal maintenance is needed (e.g., rust prevention, surface protection, etc).

Is it possible to combine a GRANDER® device with other water treatment devices?

GRANDER® devices are compatible with all conventional treatment methods. Should any conventional water treatments are deemed necessary (i.e. filtration systems, ion exchangers, UV disinfection devices, etc.), GRANDER® can complement and optimise the treatment results. However, GRANDER® should never be seen as a replacement of these methods.

For more information on how to achieve safe, healthy water while spending efficiently, please contact us.

Where can I purchase a GRANDER® device?

We have agents in over 50 countries around the world. Please kindly provide us with your location and we will direct your inquiry to the closest agent near you. We emphasize the importance of optimal customer consultation and service. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a consultation and on-site inspection before you make any decision. Our consultants will answer any questions you may have and inform you the optimal devices and set up to suit your need.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

How much does a GRANDER® device cost?

The device required depends on the application purpose and the load factor. For this reason, a consultation and on-site inspection is necessary in order to provide a more proper estimation.  In general, a basic device for drinking water for a single family home ranges from $1,000 USD to $3,000 USD, depending on the situation and requirements. The investment in a GRANDER® water revitalisation device is a one-time investment since its effect has no time limit and further use of this device will not incur other costs such as maintenance, service or electricity costs.

Experiences of the Effects

What are the many positive experiences using the GRANDER® water reviatlisation based on?

The positive effects of water revitalisation have been observed in many different  application areas (private homes, industrial use, commercial use, swimming pools, hotel & restaurant industry, bakeries, etc.) for more than 20 years now. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide experience the effect of revitalised water daily. Positive effects are also documented and verified by studies and reports. After extensive tests regarding the application of GRANDER® water revitalisation in companies such as industrial and food manufacturers, the environmental organisation B.A.U.M. (Federal German Working Group for Environmental Management Association) came to the following conclusion in their final report: “Through the results shown in the tests, B.A.U.M. supports and recommends the use of the GRANDER® water revitalisation.”

What are the benefits of GRANDER® for private household users?

Many of the prominent benefits of GRANDER® water revitalisation can be observed in household consumption. People who value high quality drinking water in particular appreciate the fine taste of revitalised water as well as the silk-like feeling on their skin when bathing or showering. Garden enthusiasts enjoy GRANDER® as their plants react impressively to the revitalized water. By installing a GRANDER® device in the heating system, dirty heating water becomes clear and odourless within a few months and the tendency of rust and sludge build-up is significantly reduced. Due to the high dissolving, penetrating power of revitalised water, both laundry and cleaning agents can be used sparingly.

What are the benefits of GRANDER® in commercial sectors?

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is particularly popular in the hotel and food industry. As water is one of the key ingredients in food preparation, it is inevitable that water quality determines the food quality. Flavours are more outstanding; shelf life is prolonged; vegetables stay fresh for longer; coffee becomes more aromatic; these are only a few of the many benefits restaurant owners often report.

After a long venture during the day, hotel guests would long for a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower. And thanks to GRANDER®, they can now enjoy revitalised water flowing right out of the taps, bathtubs, and shower heads. Less shampoo, shower gel or bath additives are needed to achieve the desired, clean effect in addition to shining hair, softer skin, and relaxed muscles. For venues that emphasize on guest satisfaction, GRANDER® would be their best choice.

Please contact us if you would like to know how your business could benefit from GRANDER® Water Revitalisation.

What makes GRANDER® so attractive to industrial users?

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is frequently put to use in the manufacturing of plastics and metal, where water plays an important role in the production process. For many manufacturers, It is mainly the cooling circuit that causes problems.  Sludge and bacteria build-up in the cooling circuit may decrease the efficiency of the system or even lead to a halt in production, inducing financial losses.

It is proven that GRANDER® Water Revitalisation can alleviate the problem by improving the condition of the cooling water. In fact, some of our existing clients even reported that the cooling water remains drinking quality even after months of circulation. Decreases in both rust and bacteria build-up also reduce the maintenance frequency and operation costs through savings on chemicals, etc. Apart from the technical and economic benefits, many internationally acclaimed companies endorse GRANDER® as a truly sustainable water treatment solution, and this is far more meaningful and invaluable to them.

How long has GRANDER® been established?

International success of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation makes it possible to build up a worldwide business network. After more than thirty years of market presence GRANDER® is now represented on all five continents with clients across 50 and more countries.

Grander & Science

Where does water research stand today?

Water research is developing constantly. Since the beginning of the 90’s, well-known water researchers have been studying the extraordinary characteristics of water from various perspectives. Similarly GRANDER’s own research department is in contact with water researchers over the world and tries to inform them regarding new discoveries. However, the fact remains that basic knowledge and fundamental research is still lacking in order to form an exact description of water. GRANDER® cannot provide the missing fundamental research, but they are able to document the effects in the practice, which is being done for a long time in their own laboratory.

What makes water so “puzzling”?

The more extensively one studies about water, the more puzzling and mysterious it seems. The chemical formula, H2O, care barely explain the complexity and effect that water has. Theoretically, water can be studied based on three separate categories, namely biologically, chemically, and physically. Each category alone already posts numerous questions that are yet to be addressed. And if we look at all three categories holistically, the complexity is unimaginable. Philipp Ball, long-time editor of the renowned science magazine “Science”, was quoted in 2008, “It is embarrassing to admit, but the substance that covers two-thirds of our planet is still so puzzling. Even worse, the more insights we gain, the more problems arise. For instance, new techniques that go deeper into the molecular structure of flowing water confront us with more and more questions.” Johann Grander worked on this for many years in order to gain knowledge about these mysteries presented by water.

Why is water labelled as “anomalous”?

Water possesses characteristics so different from other comparable elements that it has been described as “anomalous”. Its characteristics and abilities require a lot more explanation and the conventional examination methods are not adequate enough to explain or study water to the full extent. As Viktor Gutmann, two-time candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, commented, “It is not water that is anomalous, but rather our formulas are not adequate in describe the phenomenon called water.”

What is the meaning behind the process of the GRANDER® water revitalisation?

The fundamental process lies in the improvement of the stability of water’s molecular structure, which is achieved through information transfer with GRANDER® devices. The more stable the structure is, the more resistant water is to extreme stress. Also, a stable structure helps maintain the microbiological balance, establishing an “immune system” in water. Initiated by the GRANDER® effect, water then continues its information exchange with nature (i.e., to take on information, store it, and transfer it on). Today when evaluating the quality of drinking water, little emphasis is placed on the water molecular structure despite its significance. This is due to the fact that measuring techniques are not readily available to the public. Nevertheless, GRANDER® is putting in its best effort to promote awareness of this important, yet neglected characteristic of water.

Is there a scientific explanation for the way in which GRANDER® water revitalisation works?

Technically, it is possible to transform the electromagnetic structure of water through the modification of the magnetic nuclear resonance properties. The induction of the development of super molecular complexes between the individual water molecules has induced the modification of the electromagnetic oscillation state. These electromagnetic oscillations are responsible for the origin and the development of an electromagnetic field with a defined frequency, phase, and amplitude, one which extends in all directions in a regular manner.

Although no scientific literature as of to date can fully explain the principle behind the effect of GRANDER® water revitalisation, many studies have proven that water is capable of storing and transmitting information. Moreover, the GRANDER® effect is well documented in controlled scientific studies conducted by universities and certified laboratories. Among the many plausible theories from various esteemed researchers, the core message on the topic of information storage comes from Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob. He proves that this effect happens in nature. Please contact us for more information regarding these reports.

Criticism and Sceptics

How does GRANDER® stand up to criticism from skeptics?

“Every good thing has its opponents,”  Johann Grander states. Accordingly, we accept the right to criticise the process of water revitalisation, even more so when the strongest critics often become enthusiastic supporters once they recognise the practical success of GRANDER® water revitalisation. The way in which critical reports and comments are presented, mainly on the internet, cannot be taken seriously in regard to GRANDER® water revitalisation, since they are too polemic and not based on scientific arguments.

What is the criticism from these skeptics based on?

The skeptics consider everything about GRANDER® water revitalisation to be pseudo-scientific, which cannot (yet) be explained using the available methods of scientists. This encompasses not only the GRANDER® water revitalisation, but also areas of complementary and alternative medicine all the way to acupuncture and homeopathy. Anything we do not know and cannot explain based on traditional science is, according to them, “humbug and superstition.”  They take on the position that the claimed effects of GRANDER® water revitalisation conflict with the current scientific knowledge and, for this reason, it has no effect at all. They are unwilling to accept phenomena that cannot be scientifically explained even though these phenomena are consistently witnessed and have an effect in the practice.

“Nothing on Earth is created by mankind. Everything is already there, we just need to discover them.” –Johann Grander 

How does GRANDER® react to the allegations from the skeptics that water revitalisation has no effect whatsoever?

If that was the case, then the question arises: how were we able to convince hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to endorse the effects of our products? Surveys confirm that 90% of the GRANDER® users who have installed a water revitalisation device at their properties are very satisfied with it. Moreover, the effects of GRANDER® water revitalisation are quantifiable and measurable in industrial application. Last but not least, over 30 years of successful results can testify against any allegations from the skeptics.