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MKE Metal & Plastic Manufacturing, Austria

MKE – Metal and Plastic Goods Manufacturing

GRANDER® water for people and machines

The cult lighters called Bentley have made the Austrian company MKE well-known.  This company has also made lighters for Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent.  The main field of activity for MKE ranges from producing small medal and plastic parts to dental implants all the way to pressure reduction vents weighing up to 20 tonnes.

It was the positive, personal experiences that convinced the management to test GRANDER® water revitalisation in their company in 2005.  At first the employees were considered, who could enjoy their water from a GRANDER® drinking fountain.  The “present” was gratefully accepted by the staff.  The further use of this technology was a logical consideration. Could revitalised water be effective in the production area as well?

In summer, if it was very hot, the cooling agent was broken, had a very bad odour and couldn’t be used any more,” Christian Schleritzko, head of the work council for employees, head trainer and safety expert, explains.

The smell of the production water was unbearable; when you came in contact, there were sometimes skin irritations. The machines had to be completely emptied within short intervals and refilled. The goal using GRANDER® water revitalisation was to stabilise the cooling water and to eliminate the odour caused by the bacteria.

“At the beginning we were skeptical about GRANDER® water revitalisation, but the bad odour has been reduced and the cooling lubricating agent has become more tolerable for the skin.”

Christian Schleritzko doesn’t know why it works, but it really doesn’t matter, he is very pleased:

“GRANDER® works and is effective.”