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Klipps Water World, Germany

Klipps Water World

GRANDER® Water in Show Business

A fireworks display with water, light and music.  Klipp’s Water World in Klipphausen near Dresden demonstrates the topic of “water, the craziest liquid between heaven and earth” in an artistic manner.

In a harmonic and perfectly designed show one can watch water figures dancing to the rhythm of enchanting melodies.  When you add light shows with many colour variations, combined with a laser show, you are guaranted excitement.

Managing director, Ms. Burket, has been using GRANDER® water revitalisation for many years now to cater to her guests and for the multi-media show.  Since the implementation of water revitalisation the water in the storage basins needn’t be changed every 14 days, but rather only every 3 months.  Through the fine spraying of the water fountains there is a pleasant climate in the entire room, which has a positive effect on the guests.