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Hotels & Restaurants

Hofweissbad Hotel, Switzerland

Since 1998 the hotel has successfully been using GRANDER® water revitalisation. The investment was paid back in the middle of the third year. According to hotel director, Christian Lienhard, the reduction in the use of chlorine and laundry detergent brings savings of several thousand francs each year.

Guangyong Lido Hotel, China

With over 300 guestrooms, the three-star Lido Hotel is situated at a business district at 182 Beijing Road, Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong, China. The hotel had been constructed long ago, and the owners had encountered many problems with the water tanks such as BOD/COD over limits, high doses of chlorine, odour problem, bacteria problem and also a pH value exceeding the regulation limit.

Restaurant NUNÓ, Germany

Owners Maria Cierro and Markus Geirhos offer their guests at Restaurant Nuno, located in the Textile Museum in Augsburg, a combination of Asian cooking and domestic products. Not only healthy and delicious food, but also high-quality drinks are a priority here, therefore a GRANDER® device was purchased. Markus Geirhos comments, “I notice the biggest difference with GRANDER® water in comparison to normal water in the coffee. Since using revitalised water our espresso tastes more full-bodied than ever before.”

The International Hotel of Calgary, Canada

Located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, this top hotel strives to offer its guests with affordable luxury. Similar to many hotels, the International Hotel had faced many maintenance problems before the GRANDER Water Revitalisation system was installed.