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Fahnen-Gaertner Banners & flags Production, Austria

Fahnen-Gaertner – Banners, flags, transparents, endless fleece and much more

GRANDER® for improvement of production water

Gerald Heerdegen sees GRANDER® water revitalisation as a way to protect the environment. “Our company attaches great importance to the conservation of the environment and natural resources. GRANDER® supports us in our efforts.”

After the installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation at the production plant in Mittersill, Austria in 2004, the air quality was significantly improved not only in the process water area but also in the cleaning area of the plant.

The company’s product line ranges from flags of all shapes and sizes to embroidered banners for military and organizational use.  Additional accessories such as flagpoles and small items such as patches and badges complete the range.

The flags and banners that leave Mittersill adorn the palace of the Austrian president and many other government buildings. Municipalities, commercial and industrial enterprises as well as the hotel and catering trade are amongst the companies preferential clients.

Every year, 100,000 advertising banners are produces, along with 30,000 national and international flags in a variety of sizes and colours. Half a million square meters of material are used to produce the huge assortment of flags and banners, which are then supplied to Olympic Games and World Championships held in Europe.

An emergency forced Fahnengaertner to make a fundamental decision. The problem was quite literally blowing in the wind.  Eight years previously, a waste water system had been installed to treat the water used in the production process so that 70% could then be reused as process water.  “During the night, when the plant was idle, an overpowering, putrid smell was given off,” remembers managing director, Gerald Heerdegen.

Air quality in the plant improved significantly after the installation of the GRANDER® water revitalisation system in both the process water and the washing areas.  “The number of bacteria has been clearly reduced and the smell of the water has improved,” confirms Heerdegen.

The managing director realises that through the use of GRANDER® water revitalisation they are also protecting the environment.

“We are able to conserve the environment and our surroundings if we return the water in a revitalised state back into nature’s cycle,” Heerdegen comments.