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Migros Fitnesspark, Swiss

Migros Fitnesspark

GRANDER® installed since: 2004
Visitor per year: 365,000
Water surface: 368m square

The technical director of the Migros Fitnesspark, Marcel Brun, even went as far as turning off the ozone device after the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation had been installed and only told his technicians three weeks later. They were horrified to start with, but they were only able to discover that the water quality had only stayed the same. As Brun stated, “The water quality has improved despite the rising numbers of visitors. The visitors were surprised and started asking if we had stopped using chlorine because their eyes were not red any longer and their skin felt better.” Marcel Brun describes the technical aspects, “Two to four pumps used to fail regularly every year because the plastic casing used to crack but since installing GRANDER® Water Revitalisation this has stopped happening. We also noticed an improvement in the heating system: two months before the GRANDER® installation the heating water was a dirty, murky soup. Since the arrival of GRANDER® the water has been clear. It really is astonishing.”