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Hoellinger Apple Juice, Austria

Hoellinger Apple Juice – a gift from nature – 100% directly pressed

Only the best from apples and GRANDER® water

Hoellinger’s Styrian apple juice is not produced with apple juice concentrate, but rather 100% directly pressed.  Just as the company’s boss only allows apples from Styria, only GRANDER® water is used to make the juices.  For this reason, Hoellinger is a brand that stands for taste, regionality and quality.

Only the best from apples – 100% directly pressed and without added sugar.

Our Styrian apple – naturally cloudy – is exclusively 100% directly pressed and packaged.  This means the crunchy apples are carefully cold-pressed and cooled naturally cloudy and fresh until they are filled in the packages.  In this way, the valuable contents remain in our tasty juices.

The Styrian school juice Vitamin Apple natural cloudly with 60% directly pressed juice and 40% still water is the best alternative to other sweetened children’s drinks.

The naturally cloudy Styrian apple sprizz with 60% directly pressed juice and carbonated water is the optimal refreshment.