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Agriculture, Horiculture & Animals

Grosse Kintrup Dairy Farm, Germany

For generations now Leonhard Grosse Kintrup’s family has been running their farm, which is embedded in the Muensterland Park landscape and surrounded by green fields. “At the moment we get milk from 220 cows for the many valuable milk products on our farm. A modern stall, feed without genetic engineering and GRANDER® water are the keys our success.”

Himbeerhof Renner Farm, Austria

At Himbeerhof Renner, a small family-run business in its 4th generation now located in the municipality of Glanz on the South Styrian Weinstrasse, Austria, food products of the best quality are on offer. The Renner family uses GRANDER® water revitalisation both in their private home as well as in their business. It contributes to improved plant growth and a better harvest.

Konrad and Inge Weinberger Organic Farmer, Germany

“Healthier, stronger animals and a larger number of livestock.” The Weinberger family attributes this success to GRANDER®. The organic farmers are the first to discover and implement GRANDER® water.

Franz Katinger Pig Farm, Austria

How a doubtful farmer became an enthusiastic GRANDER® user: the odour emissions for the field production convinced him. “The animals must feel good; only then am I a successful farmer,” Franz Katinger says with conviction. He breeds pigs, which involves all kinds of problems with the pig manure smell.

Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna

They belong to Austria just like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the State Opera: the Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Hofreitschule. These magnificent horses have been treated with GRANDER® water since 2003 at the Vienna Hofburg stables and since April 2005 at their summer quarters in Heldenberg, Lower Austria.

Rita Trachsel / Animal Clinic, Switzerland

Cats don’t read advertising brochures! Rita Trachsel from Zollikofen, Switzerland experienced quite an adventure with her cat, Jimmy …

Josef Sattler / Beekeeper, Germany

Bees know what is good for them. The organism of animals is very sensitive and, therefore, many animals “recognise” GRANDER® revitalised water and react very positively to it.