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Commercial College and Business School, Austria

The active head masters and teachers at the Commercial College and Business School in Eisenerz have made environmental protection and sustainability their mission statement. In fact, they even incorporated the topics of waste reduction and healthy water in their lessons. In doing so, both understanding and awareness for nature are conveyed to the students.

Renata Dorner, Dipl. Life-Social Councillor / Danielis Restaurant, Austria

Renata Dorner, Dipl. Life-Social Councillor in Vienna uses GRANDER® both in her private home and at work! Since 2000 she has been enjoying revitalised water and offers it to her clients as well! The numerous positive, personal experiences confirm her feeling and therefore, she mentions GRANDER® in her coaching and recommends it to others.

Lucerne Cantonal Bank, Switzerland

Robert Schmid, deputy manager and business planner at the Lucerne Cantonal Bank, Switzerland, has been studying the topic of water for some time now. “I have been using GRANDER® water in my private home for a long time; my garden has blossomed like crazy ever since. We require fewer chemicals for our swimming pool.”

Klipps Water World, Germany

A fireworks display with water, light and music. Klipp’s Water World in Klipphausen near Dresden demonstrates the topic of “water, the craziest liquid between heaven and earth” in an artistic manner.