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Wellness & Swimming Pools

Swimming in Revitalised Water

The aim of GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation is to compliment and to optimise the necessary conventional steps of water conditioning (flocculation, filtering, disinfection). Pioneering operators of public swimming pools were some of the earliest users to realise that GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation offered benefits far beyond the scope of domestic private use.

Pool operators from all over the world have already started experimenting with water revitalisation and have discovered that it allows pools to use less chlorine, and consequently, reduces the number of cases of eye and skin irritation considerably.

GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation has won recognition step by step in the swimming pool and wellness industry. Fundamentally, the success of GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation is underpinned by countless of positive feedbacks.

The following effects have been repeatedly observed after implementation of GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation:

  • A pleasant swimming experience due to noticeably soft feeling water
  • Minimised chlorine odour
  • Revitalised pool water is gentle on eyes and skin
  • Reduced use of chlorine (without compromising the hygienic standard)
  • Reduced use of detergents (while maintaining the cleanliness)
  • Lowered cleaning and maintenance effort

GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation opens up new opportunities for pool operators. It allows them to focus on the needs of the swimmers even more and to make the pool even more attractive. Over 150 communal swimming pools and several hundred hotels in Europe are already making use of the advantages of GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation, coupled with its economic and ecological benefits.

The optimisation of the level of added chemicals and the resulting lower water pollution means that GRANDER®  also makes an invaluable contribution in protecting our water and the environment.