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Renata Dorner, Dipl. Life-Social Councillor / Danielis Restaurant, Austria

Renata Dorner

I love revitalised water – thanks to GRANDER®

Renata Dorner, Dipl. Life-Social Councillor in Vienna uses GRANDER® both in her private home and at work!

Since 2000 she has been enjoying revitalised water and offers it to her clients as well!  The numerous positive, personal experiences confirm her feeling and therefore, she mentions GRANDER® in her coaching and recommends it to others.

Renata Dorner:

“As a life coach and image consultant, I work on appearance, well-being and quality of life with my clients. Our daily life is very intense.  People seek help, since they are often overwhelmed by all the influences, requirements and stress that are demanded in every day life.

A basic principle in my work is: “as the inside so the outside”.  Water offers a feeling of well-being “inside and outside”; it provides us with energy.  GRANDER® water is particularly valuable for me and my clients; it supports the quality of my work significantly!

We drink considerably more water, can think and concentrate better, it’s refreshing and has no calories!

In my work I emphasize that drinking lots of water helps to achieve a younger appearance, rids the body of toxins, helps avoid illness, supports a feeling of well-being.  Good water is the best thing for keeping healthy!

My personal experiences:

  • My skin is much softer now and, when I travel I notice that I use more shower products and shampoo than at home, where I use revitalised water.
  • I need fewer cleaning products, my cut flowers stay fresh longer and the plants bloom and flourish extremely well now.
  • Since installing GRANDER® water revitalisation, I no longer buy or drink soft drinks.
  • My sense of taste has become finer.
  • I very often feel the difference between water that has been revitalised or not.

A short episode with GRANDER®:

At the restaurant “Danielis”, 1010 Vienna, Himmelpfortgasse 3, I drank a good wine and ordered so much tap water, until it was embarassing for me.  Then the waiter said smiling that it was GRANDER® water – then everything was clear …

I love Grander.  Thank you Grander!

Renata Dorner