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Franz Katinger Pig Farm, Austria

Franz Katinger – a farmer with awareness and responsibility

Less odour emission due to GRANDER®

How a doubtful farmer became an enthusiastic GRANDER® user: the odour emissions for the field production convinced him.

“The animals must feel good; only then am I a successful farmer,” Franz Katinger says with conviction. He breeds pigs, which involves all kinds of problems with the pig manure smell.

The motivated farmer tested various products, but remained unsuccessful until he finally tried GRANDER® revitalisation with liquid manure. “The test results and the significantly lower odour emissions for the field production have made me an enthusiastic GRANDER® user and fan.”

Apart from the stench reduction, there was a further success: there was no longer a floating layer in the liquid manure; the pH value was in the neutral area; there was also a reduction in the fermentation and fouling. In addition, the ammonia-nitrogen content multiplied.