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Florian Berndl-Bath, Austria

Florian Berndl-Bath

GRANDER® installed since: 2005
Visitor per year: 350,000
Water surface: 2,150m square

It is named after an early pioneer of alternative medicine (1856-1934) who recommended the then-revolutionary nude bathing. Managing director Franz Trippold quickly shows his enthusiasm when asked about GRANDER®: “The heating pipe nest close to the heat exchanger for the pool radiator was congested with clumps of limescale before the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation device was installed. The temperature inside the pipe nest is approximately 70°C and the limescale now does not settle as much and can be easily removed. This saves us many repairs and new acquisitions. The stone in the water fountain does not collect algae anymore and it is still as smooth as it was when the stonemason delivered it.”