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Living with Added Value

A hint of drinking pleasure, a portion of well-being, a little bit of luxury, and a trace of improved quality of life.

For many families, the installation of a GRANDER®  Water Revitalisation device in their home has provided a new well-being dimension. “Refined water taste, pleasant feeling for the skin when bathing and showering, stronger cleaning power and fewer technical problems” are among the main arguments in favour of GRANDER® .

Whether from basic food consumption to genuine food enjoyment, from simple personal care to sincere personal reward, it is revitalised water by GRANDER®  that makes the difference.

The whole family will enjoy the benefits of GRANDER®  water:

  • Drinking water
  • the pool and the shower
  • Cooking & storing food
  • Cleaning with less chemicals
  • Gardening and plant life
  • Pets

Diverse products are tailored to suit individual needs. Suitable devices are scaled for occasions, everything from the pocket-sized personal items, the Penergiser, to 2″ industrial grade immersion devices suitable for large homes as well as their swimming pools.