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Food Production

Wimpissinger Butcher Shop, Austria

The butcher shop owned by Andreas and Tilly Wimpissinger in Angath, Austria has existed for 50 years now. Together with the second business in Reith i. Alpbachtal they serve around 400 customers daily.

Tipco PCL., Thailand

Tipco is one of the largest food groups in Thailand and teamed up in a joint venture with the Japanese Suntory Group in September 2007. In 1976, Tipco started out as a small pineapple factory in Muang Parachuabkirikhan; today it is one of the largest producers of pineapple, tropical fruits, aloe vera and juices etc.

Buergin Bakery, Switzerland

The greatest wish of baker master, Kurt Buergin, from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland is to guarantee his nutrition-conscious customers that the baking products made in his bakery are of the absolute highest quality. An important raw material and contributor to the quality is GRANDER® water.

Knoll Bakery, Germany

For master baker, Rainer Knoll, from Bremen, Germany baking is more than just a profession; it is a philosophical act. All breads are not equal, and for the most important food we eat only the best is good enough according to Knoll. For this reason, he uses exclusively GRANDER® water for his baked goods.

Hoellinger Apple Juice, Austria

Hoellinger’s Styrian apple juice is not produced with apple juice concentrate, but rather 100% directly pressed. Just as the company’s boss only allows apples from Styria, only GRANDER® water is used to make the juices. For this reason, Hoellinger is a brand that stands for taste, regionality and quality.

Stiegl Beer, Austria

The brewing water for all the Stiegl beers originates from the Salzburger Untersberg: pure and untreated, this special spring water combined with GRANDER® results in the unique, distinctive taste and top-quality beer that goes by the name – Stiegl.

Murauer Beer, Austria

Brewing master Guenther Kecht, “Since 2004 we have been using revitalised GRANDER® water for our brewery production and non-alcoholic beverages. Since then the contents of the beer have harmonised better with each other, the carbonic acid is milder and has finer bubbles.”

Memminger Beer, Germany

The Memminger Brewery implements GRANDER® water revitalisation in all areas, also in cleaning and heating. 10 % fewer acid contents and alkaline solutions were added. Alone the amount of chlorine has been reduced by 2.5 tonnes a year. However, the most astonishing result for the master brewer and authorised signatory, Wolfgang Kesselschlaeger, is the fact that the fermentation time has been reduced by one day.