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The International Hotel of Calgary, Canada

The International Hotel of Calgary

r-hotels-4Located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, this top hotel strives to offer its guests with affordable luxury. Similar to many hotels, the International Hotel had faced many maintenance problems before the GRANDER Water Revitalisation system was installed. “Within 3 to 4 weeks, we began to notice some rather dynamic results,” said Chief Engineer, Pat Huggard. “The first noticeable difference was in our ice machines, as scaling has always been a problem. I soon noticed that the scale deposits were becoming much softer and the top layer of buildup could be wiped away quite easily. The dishwashers are also cleaner and free from calcium buildups.Silverware and glassware are spotlessly clean. In the 19-years that I have been at the hotel, I have never seen them as clean as they are since the installation of GRANDER units,” continues Huggard. The Hot water tanks are a high expense maintenance area, but since the installation of GRANDER units, the hotel no longer require that expense. “GRANDER System performed beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommended this system to any organization,” Huggard concludes.