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Koch Dry Cleaning, Germany

Koch Dry Cleaning – customer and environment-oriented

Significant savings made possible, thanks to GRANDER®

The Koch Dry Cleaning business in Metzingen, Germany saves on costs and chemicals thanks to GRANDER®: in fact, 15% savings on laundry detergents yearly.

Koch Dry Cleaning, a family-run business, cleans the incredible amount of 10,000 – 15,000 kilos of laundry each day. Customers are mainly from the health industry, such as old people’s homes, clinics, as well as restaurant and hotel industry.  The laundry is quite often heavily soiled and requires a special treatment.

Benedikt Sutter, managing director and owner of the dry cleaning company, has always been interested in innovative technology that can help him in his business: “As I was reading an article about GRANDER® water revitalisation, I decided to try out one of their devices at home. The success was soon evident; the laundry felt much softer,” Sutter remembers.

After this successful trial he had GRANDER® installed in his company, with the result that the amount of basic washing detergent could be reduced by 15%.

The GRANDER® water revitalisation had paid for itself after only 6 months.  There are savings of up to 12,000 Euros each year and the laundry is cleaner and softer.

Since the installation of GRANDER® he has been recommending water revitalisation even to his competition.  “It helps protect the environment and therefore a benefit for all of us.”

Consequently, numerous companies at home and abroad have contacted him and asked for his advice: “One day someone from Disney World Orlando contacted me and inquired about the success I’ve had with water revitalisation,” Sutter explains.