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Himbeerhof Renner Farm, Austria

Himbeerhof Renner – raspberries, wine, pumpkin and much more

GRANDER® supports plant growth and a better yield

At Himbeerhof Renner, a small family-run business in its 4th generation now located in the municipality of Glanz on the South Styrian Weinstrasse, Austria, food products of the best quality are on offer.  The Renner family uses GRANDER® water revitalisation both in their private home as well as in their business.  It contributes to improved plant growth and a better harvest.

The Renner family attributes the improved plant growth and better harvest to GRANDER® water revitalisation as well as the effective micro-organisms and the special horn shavings used in their business.

The emphasis here is on cultivation of biological raspberries, wine, pumpkins, fruit, vegetables and herbs as well as the production of raspberry wine, jams, wine jellies, fruit preserves, seeds, pesto, fruit juices, vinegar, pumpkin seed oil and quality wines.  Fruit and vegetables are preserved according to traditional recipes.