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The Founder – Johann Grander

Johann Grander was born with a strong interest in researching and experimenting, as his father was a talented technician and expert in engines.

His working life as a truck driver all the way to running a gas station and cement-mixing master has passed in a very colourful, varied fashion. In 1978, he finally gave up his profession in order to dedicate himself solely to his research. With his knowledge and experiences, he managed to introduce a new understanding for water over 30 years ago, which is now followed by millions of people worldwide.

“Healthy living begins with lively, energetic water” is the believe of Johann Grander. He was awarded with the ‘Honorary Cross for Science and Art’ from the Austrian Government in recognition of his life’s work. Additionally, he received the ‘Silver Medal of Honour’ from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and he is the only non-Russian citizen who was awarded with this honour.

Johann Grander christened his new discovery water revitalisation without knowing that he would become the creator of a new term used world-wide. Today GRANDER® is a term associated with high-quality water. GRANDER® Water Revitalisation has been installed and used in various industries, including industrial companies, hotel and restaurant business, agriculture and private households around the world. Numbers speak louder than words; the increasing number of users illustrates and confirms the benefits brought by revitalised water.

Johann Grander has been awarded numerous prizes and honoured for his service and his life-long work. However, the greatest honour for him has always been helping humans, animals and nature with revitalised water.