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What is GRANDER® water?

Water having a high, stable and biologically valuable quality

Water possesses an immune system. The basic idea behind the method proposed by Johann Grander is to strengthen the self-cleansing effect and resistance of water by improving its structure. This creates a natural and stable immune system.

The GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is based on the understanding of information transfer, or resonance.

The core element of GRANDER® water revitalisation is water. The active medium known as “information water” in the GRANDER® water revitalisation devices consists of water with a high internal order and stability – made according to the special process and knowledge of Johann Grander. Through its high internal order this information water is able to transfer natural information, or frequency, even to non-revitalised water without ever coming in contact with it. In this way, water is naturally stabilised and biologically improved.

Johann Grander’s goal was to make the properties of revitalised water – with all its positive effects for humans, animals and plants – transferrable to all water. It should be available for all those who drink it and use it in their everyday lives.
GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices work solely with natural energy, not requiring any electricity or other additives. The devices are maintenance and service-free. They are either installed directly in the main water supply, to the tap or hung in the sink or container. A discovery that has gone global and is implemented by many today.

GRANDER® revitalised water is characterized by:
  • adding to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle, good taste
  • keeping fresh longer
  • promoting a pleasant, gentle feeling for skin and hair while bathing and showering
  • facilitating the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • being preferred by animals instinctively
  • giving food an exquisite, fresh and more intense taste while keeping it fresh longer
  • protecting the heating system through cleaner heating water
  • ensuring the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents
The effect of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices remains constant over time, regardless of the application purposes.