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Bath Fontanivas, Swiss

Bath Fontanivas

GRANDER® installed since: 2001
Visitor per year: 45,000
Water surface: 1,000m square

The president of the bath association Ilanz, Tobias Schneider, documents his experiences since the installation of the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation devices in Fontanivas in 2001 as follows:

“The pool managers need to use less chlorine and the bath does not smell like a typical swimming pool any longer. I noticed that the algae have been a lot easier to remove from the rim of the pool with the high pressure cleaner, particularly during the spring clean. We used to take ten days to complete the spring clean, now it only takes three. We also need less acid for cleaning. There is no comparison to previous years. People often travel from afar just to swim in our water. Some even come from Chur which is 30 kilometres away although they have a large outdoor pool there.” The results of both baths were checked and confirmed by the environmental agency of the German industry B.A.U.M.