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Knoll Bakery, Germany

Knoll Bakery – Baking with Passion

GRANDER® water and ecological baked products

For master baker, Rainer Knoll, from Bremen, Germany baking is more than just a profession; it is a philosophical act.  All breads are not equal, and for the most important food we eat only the best is good enough according to Knoll.  For this reason, he uses exclusively GRANDER® water for his baked goods.

Out of conviction and responsibility towards humans and nature, the Bremen bakery has been producing organic baked goods since 1983.  GRANDER® water revitalisation was well suited for this concept, “Bread consists of up to 40 % water, therefore it is so important to ensure good water quality when baking.  We use good water by GRANDER® for all our baked goods.  They taste fuller, and that is 100% due to the revitalised water; I swear by that.”

In addition, Knoll uses far less dish detergent in his bakery; everything that involved using flour and water was strongly gummed up.  Now these areas and the kneading machine are no longer so sticky.

“GRANDER® means a different quality of life for me,” Knoll states.