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Grosse Kintrup Dairy Farm, Germany

Grosse Kintrup Dairy Farm – natural and gentle milk production

Successful without genetic engineering and with GRANDER® water

For generations now Leonhard Grosse Kintrup’s family has been running their farm, which is embedded in the Muensterland Park landscape and surrounded by green fields.  “At the moment we get milk from 220 cows for the many valuable milk products on our farm.  A modern stall, feed without genetic engineering and GRANDER® water are the keys our success.”

At the farm of Leonhard Grosse Kintrup utmost importance is placed on the well-being of the cows. They can move around freely in state-of-the-art stalls in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and decide for themselves whether they want to eat, drink, lie down or even if they want to be milked. An automatic milking system is in place for 24-hour-milking and guarantees that the cows follow their own daily rhythm. In summer the animals are allowed out on the field. Their feed originates mainly from the farm’s own cultivation and genetic engineering has no place at the Kintrup’s farm.

Leonhard Grosse Kintrup has been using GRANDER® water revitalisation since 2011, which was centrally installed in the ground water supply. The special water quality of the revitalised water contributes to the animals’ health and product quality as well. After only a short period of use the work processes proved to be more efficient and the quality of their products was once again enhanced. Fewer cleaning products were used and the curd cheese didn’t stick to the sieves so strongly and the production of this product is much easier.

Leonhard Grosse Kintrup markets and refines the milk from his dairy cows on his family-run farm himself. Private customers, kindergartens, schools and other consumers are among some of his clientele, to whom he delivers his fresh products right to the doorstep.

“My animals enjoy the taste of GRANDER® water and it improves the cultivation,” this farmer states.