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Commercial College and Business School, Austria

HAK and HASCH Eisenerz

Revitalised GRANDER® water instead of sweet juices

The active head masters and teachers at the Commercial College and Business School in Eisenerz have made environmental protection and sustainability their mission statement. In fact, they even incorporated the topics of waste reduction and healthy water in their lessons. In doing so, both understanding and awareness for nature are conveyed to the students.

In comparison to bottles and replaceable containers, tap water doesn’t require energy for cooling, doesn’t require gasoline for transportation, and it doesn’t leave behind any garbage; all of which are harmful and damaging to the environment.

While giving maximal consideration to the environment, the best drink in the world that can be consumed by students and teachers, free-of-charge, is tap water.

Through the purchase of a GRANDER® drinking fountain, which was installed in the school’s hallway, special emphasis is placed on water and environmental awareness at the Commercial College and Business School in Eisenerz.

The naturally good drinking water is revitalised according to the process by Johann Grander and thus becomes particularly biologically valuable.  This measure is an additional, positive step in support of their mission statement of sustainability and environmental protection – an important step in terms of water consciousness and healthy (personal) responsibility.