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GRANDER® Energy Boards

Extending the revitalisation effects from liquid to solid

GRANDER® Revitalisation Devices are designed to treat flowing water. But what if we want to revitalise packaged beverages, fruits, vegetables and other food?

GRANDER® Energy Board is a wooden board laminated with a protective coating. Embedded inside the board is a spiral copper tube filled with “information water”, which is cleverly designed to increase the effective surface area. Under the revitalisation effect, fruit, vegetables and salads stay fresh for a longer period of time. Moreover, the boards can be placed inside refrigerators to revitalise food that needs to be kept refrigerating.

The GRANDER® Energy Boards are available in 2 sizes:

large:    290 x 290 mm
small:    170 x 170 mm

Note: Do NOT use the board as chopping board or cutting board. Do NOT freeze or place the board under direct sunlight.




Area of use: For revitalisation of packaged fluids, food, and even plants


Guarantee / Warranty: 7 days for material and manufactured defects