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Hofweissbad Hotel, Switzerland

Hofweissbad Hotel – in the service of health and wellness

Thanks to GRANDER® significant savings in chemicals and cleaning detergents are possible

Since 1998 the hotel has successfully been using GRANDER® water revitalisation.  The investment was paid back in the middle of the third year.  According to hotel director, Christian Lienhard, the reduction in the use of chlorine and laundry detergent brings savings of several thousand francs each year.

The investment in the GRANDER® water revitalisation paid off in the third year of use.  The result is:

  • 30% less chlorine in the swimming pool
  • 25 % less detergent for the disherwasher and laundry machines

The trial with the chlorine reduction was conducted in co-operation with the Ministry of Health.  The environmental benefits convinced the hotel owner and he placed information in all the rooms outlining the success of GRANDER® water revitalisation.

The environmental organisation of German industry B.A.U.M. studied many reports from GRANDER® users along with the one from Hotel Hofweissbad and came to the conclusion that the expectations were completely fulfilled.