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Konrad and Inge Weinberger Organic Farmer, Germany

Konrad and Inge Weinberger – Organic Farmers by Conviction

GRANDER® water used in agriculture supports the animals’ health and plant growth

“Healthier, stronger animals and a larger number of livestock.” The Weinberger family attributes this success to GRANDER®. The organic farmers are the first to discover and implement GRANDER® water.

Their closeness with nature and their intention to maintain the soil in its best quality as well as the aim to product natural products without any chemical residue made them open-minded to the ideas that Johann Grander introduced to the world.

The organic farming couple, Inge and Konrad Weinberger from Regen, Germany recalled, “We had cows that went for a whole year without a calf. Even the vet couldn’t do anything to help. Since we have been using GRANDER® water, we haven’t had any more problems. Our entire livestock has increased. It has really been obvious.”

One more phenomena seemed remarkable for the couple, “Even the manure tank has shown changes. Previously it was necessary to stir up the manure tank or have it done. This year we opened up the tank to see that there wasn’t a thick, floating layer any more. There was a consistent mass in the tank. We were able to extract it immediately and spread it on the fields. The manure tank now has a better quality; it doesn’t stink as much as before.”

There are further reports about Weinberger’s experience with GRANDER® regarding improved growth of vegetables, fruit and especially, flowers.