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Areas of Application

GRANDER® Water Technology has been providing water solutions worldwide for more than three decades. Uncountable experience reports from private users, hotel owners, restaurant owners, swimming pool operators, municipalities as well as public institutions demonstrate much better in practice how the revitalised water from GRANDER® really works.

Home and Living
For many families, the installation of a GRANDER® Water Revitalisation device in their home has provided a new well-being dimension.

Hotel and Restaurants
It is in the hotel and gastronomy industry that we see such a wide range of uses for the element water.

Wellness & Swimming
The aim of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is to compliment and to optimise the necessary conventional steps of water conditioning.

Animals & Agriculture
Revitalised GRANDER® water has been very successful not only in agriculture, in cultivation and in animal husbandry.

Bread & Food Production
Food is an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, the demand placed on manufacturers is high.

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Devices assist in areas of recycled water for multiple industries, from horticulture to agriculture using various sources including wastewater.