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GRANDER® Pendant x Sabina Wong Design

Special Edition Pendant

This piece of jewellery, made of blown crystal glass vial, contains four different kinds of energies and three different waters, which have an important function as a carrier of information and protection against harmful influences in the environment. The precious water it contains vibrates at a high frequency, transmitting the forces of nature and having a harmonising effect on the body, soul and the mind.

This special collaboration is where exquisite designs of Austria and Hong Kong meet, making the beauty of the Earth’s natural elements visible to the world. Delightfully pleasing to the eyes, a blessing for the body and soothing for the soul. This unique collection is one that simply transcends.

Snowflake Collection

The beauty of snowflakes, the symbol of purity. This Snowflake Collection adds a personal touch to nature’s perfect gift. each made of mouth-blown duran glass, found in them a perfect symbol of life and the experience that comprise it as no two snowflakes are alike.

Colour: Rose Gold / 14K Gold / Sterling Silver
Chain length: 18″

Morning Star Collection

Shine as bright as the Morning Star with these specially designed necklaces.

Colour: 14K Gold / Sterling Silver
Chain length: 18″

Crystal Collection

Rose red, representation of love and elegance. Emerald, seeker of lover and revealer of truth.

Swarovski Crystals: Emerald Green /Rose Red
Chain: Rose Gold / 14K Gold / Sterling Silver
Chain length: 18″