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GRANDER® Elemente Pendant

The Pendant is filled with pure, precious GRANDER® Information Water and has a harmonising effect on the body.

The unique GRANDER® pendants stand out due to their special characteristics and simple elegance. GRANDER® Pendants are filled with information water: The “information water” refers to the active medium in the GRANDER® pendants which is water with a high inner order, produced according to the special know-how of Johann Grander.  This information water is able to transfer a high order to the non-revitalised water without ever coming in contact with it.  Since the human body consists of 70% water, the GRANDER® Pendant, filled with water of a high order, has a soothing, revitalising effect on the person wearing it.
  • Suitable for people using computers /electrical equipment.
  • Not to be worn in water
  • No maintenance needed
  • Wear around neck
The Pendant can be removed during sleep.
Care for Pendant like a piece of regular jewellery.
Area of use: Beautiful and revitalising for the body
Material: Glass filled with GRANDER® information water